I'm Eli and I work as a freelance illustrator and media designer in Hamburg. 
I dedicate myself to exciting projects with joy and conviction and always take time for a mutual exchange. My priority in working relationships is the common enthusiasm for the topics and a human interaction on an equal standing. 
With now more than 10 years of professional experience as a media designer (Bachelor of Arts), along with expertise from my time in animation, I see every project as its own little story to tell.
Together with my wonderful colleague Andrea Hemmelgarn (animator & editor) I join forces to realize animated content as team Minimation. We always look forward to new challenges.
Let's create something great together!
Infographics, Sketchnotes, Strategic pictures, Poster designs
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media postings, extended Corporate Identities, Layouts, Illustrated Video Content
Video Production & New Media
Explainer videos, Trailer, Social Media Content, Augmented Reality Content, VR sketching
Live Illustration
Digital and analogue graphic recordings live and remotely Languages: German and English
Mural Illustration
Let's go big – Your wall is our canvas!
Kinderschutzbund, Landpack GmbH, KuLO, fritz-kola, Deutsche Bahn, Bücherhallen, Startup BW, Pilot, Liebkost, BVE, Haspa, Beiersdorf, Welt, XING, Otto Group, Mercedes Benz, Liganova, Serviceplan, St. Elmo's
DHBW Ravensburg, HSRM Wiesbaden, Designschule Schwerin

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